Adulting season 2 episode 1

Tiny is anxious about launching her solo career, LeToya and Tommi meet with potential surrogates, and Toya and Red take a symbolic step forward. LeToya considers surrogacy to expand her family, Tiny tries to decide which persona she should release her new music under, and Tip cleans up his old neighborhood. LeToya supports Tommi when he gets devastating news, Tiny plans her upcoming show, Toya and Reginae talk to therapists, and Monica has a video release party.

Tiny drops in on King's tour to make sure he's behaving, Toya celebrates her mom's book release at Tip's museum, and Monica listens to LeToya's new music. Toya worries about Reginae in the wake of Nipsey Hussle's passing, Monica undergoes surgery, and Tip and Tiny crack down on King while in Hawaii with the rest of the family.

King convinces Tip that he's ready to make his debut performance, Toya helps LeToya ease back into working out, and emotions run high during a family therapy session. Tip's friends and family celebrate his late sister Precious's life, Toya worries about Reginae's public relationship with YFN Lucci, and LeToya spices up her love life. Tiny records solo music as her bedroom alter ego Ryder, Monica searches for a personal assistant, and Tip gets devastating news about his sister.

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Monica tries to stay positive during a family health scare, Toya stresses out over Reign's birthday party, and T. King's attitude creates stress for T.

All Rights Reserved. VH1 and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. VH1 Menu. Select the video you want to watch and we'll show you a list of available TV providers. Sign in with your account info and you'll be good to go. Season 2. All Seasons 23 episodes Season 3 1 episodes Season 2 12 episodes Season 1 10 episodes. Full Ep Full Ep 9. Full Ep 8. Full Ep 7. Full Ep 6.Series synopsis A link in their pasts leads an honest cop to a fugitive gang boss, whose cryptic warning spurs the officer on a quest to save Mumbai from cataclysm.

If you have no protection, you can get fined for downloading torrentsbecause ISPs can track you. Your IP is: For torrenting we recommend to use VPN and stay anonymous! Sacred Games, the very first Indian Netflix series, should have been magnificent. Bollywood mainstay Saif Ali Khan directs a who is -that of enormous talent in a series helmed by two of the industry's most interesting directors, but its own spectacle lies largely in its own lurid texture.

It hastens street-level authenticity rarely seen from the Indian - personalities talk Hindi, Marathi, English and Punjabi, although the show' default sound setting globally is its English dub - trading at the glistening verse of Bollywood dialog for uncouth, frequently hilarious swearing.

Unshackled from the censorious limits of Indian theatre, it is a frequently ambiguous, unapologetically violent work place against Mumbai's criminal underbelly.

As a whole however, it is a random, hamstrung morality play that can not appear to balance its moving components. Even a Sikh member of the Mumbai police force - a part that should have gone into a Sikh celebrity; therefore few are given characters in the Indian - Sartaj is a outsider caught in a web of corruption, even reluctant to compromise if his superior, DCP Parulkar, teaches him to alter his announcement on a deadly police shooting.

This cat-and-mouse game constitutes most the very first incident, a thrilling debut where characters reflect about the building blocks of the selves.

It is impossible, but to discuss the remainder of the show without showing the way that incident 1 endings. Gaitonde, that choses Sartaj especially due to his ethical fortitude, waits before both lock eyes before shooting himself in the head, leaving Sartaj from the blind, even though using a newfound sense of urgency.

While the very first chapter comprises flashbacks narrated to Sartaj from Gaitonde, the remaining seven attribute a comparable arrangement, sans storyline motivation.

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As though from beyond the tomb, Gaitonde, a guy who fancies himself a god, unravels the last - his very own, which of Mumbai - also generates dueling narratives that lead to a basic disconnect.

Gaitonde's ago, led entirely by Anurag Kashyap, is a narrative of electricity. Political power. Spiritual power. Criminal power. The power of thoughts. The current nevertheless, led by Vikramaditya Motwane, entails local cop Sartaj and Intelligence officer Anjali Mathur attempting to resolve Gaitonde's riddles in a way that feel remote from his cult-like musings.

In authentic Netflix fashion, they are trapped on a story-treadmill, seldom altering the thematic needle at almost any coherent direction. However, its equal recontextualizes the flashbacks in a way that robs them of the effect. Gaitonde asserts to be over spiritual battle, though he could only go so long without being hauled to the communal violence he always ignores.The only problem being that it is the end of the month and the two have spent all their money on a Justin Beiber concert the previous night.

Although the premise is interesting, Adulting fails to bring anything new to the web series landscape and is just not engaging enough for fans to enjoy spending their time on it. For starters, the narrative feels far too stretched for a minute long episode. Even the lead characters Ray and Nikhat are not well thought-out and seem to belong to a very artificial world. They are definitely not the kind of people that you expect to meet in real life. Their pretentiously cool relationship gets intolerably mushy towards the end of the episode where Nikhat is repetitively trying to hug Ray.

All Adulting remains to be is a mismatched collection of YouTube sketches tied together. Both Aisha and Yashaswini seem to be trying a little too hard to lend their characters a kind of liveliness in Adulting.

Their drunken act is too cutesy. Post which, it becomes all the more difficult for us as viewers to stay invested in their stories for long. Even their background score by Sameer Rahat is unimpressive.

It feels especially odd when in the middle of the episode, Ray starts dancing to it. Conceptualised by Dhruv Sehgal, who also wrote their previous Little Things, Adulting just fails to live up to the standard set by the previous Dice Media shows.

Female-centric coming-of-age series like Girl in The City are places where the makers could take their inspiration from. The first season of Adulting has just started and we are hoping that the series has much more to offer in the future.

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Adulting stars Aisha Ahmed and Yashaswini Dayama in the lead. Here is a cheat sheet Lifestyle Washing to disposal: All you need to know about face masks.Our online cooking classes are free through April!

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adulting season 2 episode 1

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adulting season 2 episode 1

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adulting season 2 episode 1

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adulting season 2 episode 1

Can love ever go wrong? Love can be full of ups and downs. But is it worth it? Our ambitions drive us, sometimes they drive you crazy. Watch Episode 5 of A. Want to meet the cast? Answer an episode-related question here BreakTheBeard. Starting anew tends to carry a sense of familiarity.

The heart always recognizes. I'm not the programme anymore, you are. Watch Episode 4 of A. Love is a test.

Dice Media - Please Find Attached - Mini Web Series - Ep 1/3 - Comfort Zone

Can you ace it? Meanwhile, Dev Awasthi, the founder of Tathaastu, returns to India bearing bad news. Episode 5, the season finale of Tathaastu, is now streaming on arre. When humans were created, God left behind an instruction manual. I had no instruction manual. Watch Episode 3 of A. Love by chance A dramatic mother puts Team Tathaastu in a quandary when she asks them to help her son recover from his Tik Tok addiction.

Meanwhile, stakes are raised when DK challenges Radhika to a poker game. Watch Episode 4 of Tathaastu now on arre. There are five stages to debugging: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Watch Episode 2 of A. When life gives you a second chance at love, what do you do? There are two sides to every coin, and now it's time to choose your side. Watch Episode 1 of A. With 99 wishes down, Team Tathaastu struggles to hit a century. On the other hand, Radhika has issues dealing with her clingy boyfriend.Find something fun to watch:.

Type something above to see our amazing collection! Watch Later At Ease. Add videos to your watchlist so that you can watch them later. Access your watchlist here. Dark Theme. Adulting Episode 1 - Season 2 11 Aug, Adil is a kid with a solid plan - which has him studying in the best college in Mumbai. But when they see that a slight misstep in the plan is causing Adil to retreat completely, the girls see that he is, after all, only a kid.

They try - in their own unique ways - to make him understand how he can make lemonade out of this bitter lemon of a situation. Enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience at night. Turn It On No Thanks. Music by Language. Hindi Music. Punjabi Music.

Adulting first impression: Dice Media’s new coming-of-age story needs a lesson in adulting

Tamil Music. Telugu Music. Bhojpuri Music. Kannada Music. Marathi Music. English Music. Malayalam Music. Bengali Music. Gujarati Music. Hindi Movies. Punjabi Movies. Tamil Movies. Telugu Movies.It follows two friends, Max and Faye, who are nearing 30 and have yet to put their lives in order. Best friends Max and Faye are faced with the reality that they are nearly 30 years old and have no money, careers, or boyfriends.

Katrina Alonso of Out called Adulting "hilariously awkward". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American comedy-drama web series. The correct title of this article is Adulting. The omission of the is due to technical restrictions. Retrieved January 30, May 11, The Advocate. New York Observer. Retrieved March 23, New web series Hunting Season tackles sex lives of gay New Yorkers". Entertainment Weekly. November 9, Serial Scoop. Indie Series Awards.

February 1, Retrieved February 1, Retrieved April 14, LA WebFest. Retrieved February 22, — via lawebfest. Roma Web Fest. Retrieved February 22, — via romawebfest. January


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