How to hang a birdhouse on a fence

You are wrong, friend, and happily so. A blank wood fence is not unlike a blank wall inside your home — it deserves a little sprucing up! How you decide to decorate your fence will depend on your personal taste, what you value, and whether or not you have kids or grandkids.

But there are definitely ways to make it happen, and make it beautiful. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest, but we picked a few we found all around the Web to show you that the ideas are out there, and they include everything from super DIY to really getting into your Bohemian head space and letting the creativity just pour out right on to your fence.

But, as long as your fence is in decent repair and as long as you pick decorations, frames, and other items that are not super heavy, this is a great weekend project and a fun way to really make your outdoor space your own. We love this totally homegrown fence art found on Pinterest, unfortunately by a user whose Blogspot is no longer active. That said, this simple fence art is easily done your own way, and can be done a million and one ways with finds from the thrift store or with frames and old under-sized frame backings to go in the center.

For what goes inside the frame, pick your favorite word, colors, and artsy-craftsy doodads if you like to adhere. We love the kids old wellies hanging on the fence.

They can tell you what will work for your climate, as well as what will live in this type of container.

31 Unique Garden Fence Decoration Ideas to Brighten Your Yard

Of course, there are tons of other fence art ideas we wanted to include, another favorite being some adorable fence-hanging birdhouses. But the bottom line is, you can decorate your fence using all kinds of repurposed goodies from your stash of unused items in the garage to stuff in the bargain bin at the local Goodwill, or even pallet wood to make plant shelves. The list goes on and on — you should take every opportunity to make your house your home, and with kids headed back to school, this makes a great send-off project before the big day or as a break before the blustering madness of the holiday season begins.

Have fun everybody! It must be love We love this totally homegrown fence art found on Pinterest, unfortunately by a user whose Blogspot is no longer active. The wellies on the fence: a colorful nod to growing plants without a potter We love the kids old wellies hanging on the fence.

Kids and Family DIY, Interior Design, DIY Home Improvement and, Home Decor, Babies and Toddlers janie diaz August 3, August babies, nursery decor, Project Nursery, how to hang a mobile on a wall, wall-mountable crib mobile, nursery shelves, how to hang a shelf, how to hang art, kid's room artwork, how to save space in a nursery, hands-free level, new baby checklist, babyproofing, how to hang double keyholes, YOUHANGIT wall hanging system, how to hang videos, how to hang anything, kid safe shelving, wall hanging products.When it is time to put up a birdhousewhether you are putting up a new house for the first time or repositioning an old house, understanding how to best hang the house will make it more attractive to nesting birds.

Properly mounted birdhouses are also easier to monitor and care for, ensuring plenty of birding excitement for many nesting seasons to come. Many birders take great care to select a birdhouse with suitable dimensionsfeatures, and colors for their favorite cavity-nesting species. Even the best house, however, will not attract birds if it is not mounted properly. A number of different factors need to be considered when planning how to hang a birdhouse, including:.

Several models of window-mount birdhouses with clear or one-way mirror back panels are available, with the enticing promise of allowing birders to watch birds raising their families with comfortable indoor viewing. While some birds will use these houses, it is still important that the houses be sturdily mounted, preferably on a window of a quiet room so nesting parents are stressed as little as possible. If birds do use the house, observers should avoid tapping on the glass, shining lights into the nesting box, or otherwise disturbing the birds while the nest is being brooded or when the chicks are young.

Using curtains inside the room can help keep disturbances to a minimum, and curtains are easy to move slightly aside to check the house. If nesting birds are disturbed too much, the parents may abandon their nest, or the chicks could try to leave the nest prematurely. To make the most of every location you choose for mounting a birdhouse and to make it as attractive as possible to breeding birds:.

Birds may not seem picky about where they nest each year, but taking care to hang birdhouses in the best possible way will make them even more attractive to all the cavity-nesting birds that need a place to call home. The following heights in feet and meters are the ideal ranges for how high to mount birdhouses for different species. While these heights may be the preferred mounting places for birdhouses, birders should be aware that birds are quite flexible with height requirements and may easily choose a home outside their ideal range.

If houses are mounted safely at approximately the proper height, they will easily be attractive homes for birds that use houses.

Mounting Mechanism : How the house is mounted affects its safety and security. Many birdhouses are designed to be attached to a tree, building, or pole where they will be stable and comfortable to birds. Some designs can also be hung with hooks, wires, ropes, or chains.

How to Hang a Birdhouse Without Harming a Tree

Some birds don't mind a bit of swinging, though other species will avoid less stable houses. To be safe, research the mounting mechanism your backyard birds prefer before putting up the house. Location : Ideally, the house should be in a private area somewhat remote from nearby feeders or bird baths where a lot of other activity could make brooding parents anxious.

Placing a birdhouse in a more concealed area helps camouflage the house, and nearby branches for perching will give adult birds a good place to watch over their family. Some birds, however, such as bluebirds and purple martins, do prefer birdhouses in more open areas.

Height : Different species have different preferences for the heights at which they will build their nests see list below. Higher houses are generally safer from feral cats and similar predators, but they can be more difficult to mount, clean, and monitor. It is most important that the house is mounted safely and securely, even if the height may not be ideal or convenient for birders.

Climate : In excessively rainy areas, it is best to mount a birdhouse in a sheltered area, while in a very hot region, a cooler, shaded location is essential. The entrance hole should always be facing away from prevailing winds to help protect delicate hatchlings from stiff breezes or wind-driven rain.

Safety : Regardless of where the house is mounted, it should be sturdy and resistant to wobbling, slipping, or falling. Baffles placed above and below the house can help deter predators such as raccoons, rats, and snakes, and the birdhouse itself should be designed to be safe. Monitoring and Cleaning : No matter which birds will be using the house, birders must be able to access the house regularly for proper cleaning and, if desired, to monitor any hatchlings.

Mount the house where there is sturdy, level ground below if a stool or ladder will be required to reach it. Other Houses : Even social, gregarious birds need privacy to feel secure when raising a family.

Usually, only birdhouses may be in use in one yard at the same time, with the exception of homes for colonial species such as purple martins. Mounting several houses, however, will give birds a greater selection for choosing the location they prefer and will increase the chances of birds nesting in the yard, even if not every house is used at once. Use the best hardware and proper mounting equipment to ensure security and stability. Offer nesting material nearby to entice birds to use the birdhouse more readily.

Put up the house early so it is available as soon as birds begin looking for real estate. Check the house after storms or severe weather and repair any damage if needed. Leave the birdhouse up through fall and winter as a bird roost box for extra shelter.Try tie clips attached to small eyelets or through holes in the box and then attach to the fence. Garden stores sell a metal shepherds hook that attaches to a fence railing. You could get one and hang your bird house in place of a hanging basket.

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DIY Backyard Birdhouse Post

Petunia care? Tv over wood stove? Ashley Surber. How do we avoid ants on rhubarb?? Marie Roche. Furniture arrangement suggestions? Planter hint? Fannie Mazzeo Saitta. How to upcycle a 80s hutch?? How do I clean my stove? Micki Valerio- Hall. HOw to clean mini blinds that are really dirty? Joyce Mc Dowell Curl. Kitchen wall color again? Weed or flower? How to clean old vinyl flooring? How to upcycle a hutch Lori.Mounting Birdhouses. Birdhouse back wall mounted to a shed.

Many birdhouses are built with perfect dimensions for the occupants but little consideration is given to the way they are mounted.

how to hang a birdhouse on a fence

Most birdhouses have an extended back wall that acts as a mounting mechanism, allowing you to screw the birdhouse to the final spot. This locks the birdhouse to that spot and screws must be unscrewed in order to take the birdhouse down for maintenance.

This makes it difficult to maintain the birdhouse, and if the birdhouse is not cleaned out after the birds have fledged birds are less likely to nest in the birdhouse in the future. This makes it easy to look inside and clean out old nests.

A screwdriver or drill is still required to initially mount the bracket, but once the bracket is mounted a screwdriver is not needed for regular maintenance. A mounting bracket is light and easy to hold, unlike an entire birdhouse.

Not only does this make it easy to maintain one birdhouse, this is extremely beneficial when many birdhouses are required to be checked on or cleaned out throughout the season. Where to Mount a Birdhouse? Birdhouses can be mounted in a variety of ways. Birds will tend to choose places they are more comfortable with, so if a current birdhouse location is not receiving any residents, it may be time to find a new spot.

Birdhouses should be placed at locations that limit the amount of predators and human disturbances; however, in many cases these guidelines cannot be met.

The best recommendation is to mount the birdhouse in the best possible location given the restrictions in your yard. Birdhouses placed under eaves or roof overhangs will be exposed to less moisture and ultimately last longer.

In addition these semi-sheltered locations can be even more advantageous if they are hard for predators to get to as well. Birdhouse under eve in semi-sheltered location. This birdhouse is sheltered by a decorative metal roof which acts like a building eve. Birdhouses should face away from the prevailing winds in the spring and be placed an adequate distance away from the ground. Different birds require different spacing between birdhouses. Some birds, such as wrens, are very territorial and will fill other birdhouses in the area with dummy nests.

Should this happen, remove the dummy nests frequently to allow other birds to claim those un-used birdhouses. A dummy nest does not include a nesting cup for eggs, rather it is filled to capacity with large twigs preventing other birds from easily entering the birdhouse.

Last but not least, birdhouses should also be a good distance from bird feeders, as the feeder attracts predators that may discourage smaller songbirds from nesting nearby.

Setting up a Birdhouse. In order of desirability, here are 6 ways you can mount your birdhouse. Each are explained in detail below. Whether the birdhouse is hanging from a tree branch or a front porch, birds favour birdhouses that do not overly sway in the wind.

Houses mounted on metal poles are less vulnerable to predators because predators have a tough time climbing up to the birdhouse. However, metal poles should be stable and not sway in the wind once the birdhouse is attached. Birdhouses can be attached via holes in the pole, or with stainless steel hose clamps. To make it even more difficult for predators to reach the birdhouse, a raccoon baffle or a upside down pot can be installed on the pole.The garden fence is an area that is often overlooked when planning decorations.

Why let this space go to waste when you can bring it a variety of colorful accents? These ideas range from simply stringing fairy lights along the top of the fence to cutting designs in the wood of the fence itself.

Here, you will find some novel ideas that will make your fence as pretty as the rest of your garden. Window frames, with or without the glass, are a popular choice. Using a window frame on the garden fence gives the garden a charming look. One interesting idea calls for using an old bicycle basket for flowers along the edge of the fence. Flowers and herbs decorate the fence in many types of pretty planters.

These decorations range from the practical to the dramatic. One arrangement features dozens of succulents packed into box frames. Another features a wire frame on a brick wall with terra cotta pots hung on it.

Making your garden fence shine requires only a few easy to assemble items and some creativity. Make a plan for accenting your garden by decorating your fence.

how to hang a birdhouse on a fence

Source: fivepaintedlane. Source: pinterest. Source: chrisholsen. Source: babblingsandmore. Source: gemmill. Source: acraftyspoonful. Source: idealhome.

Source: gardendrama. Source: hgtv. Source: hausspez. Source: justcraftdiy. Source: bhg. Source: ultimatechristoph. Source: hometalk.

how to hang a birdhouse on a fence

Source: growingspaces. Source: renoguide. Source: naogrodowej. Source: leblogdebea. Source: thebrambleberrycottage. Source: entendaantes. Source: daviddomoney. Source: gardenart. Source: theownerbuildernetwork. Source: thriftdiving. Source: nenasnotes. Source: flickr.Birdhouses make lovely additions to a yard or garden. They can be aesthetically pleasing and, depending on the type and placement of the birdhouse, can attract a variety of different birds.

While the primary consideration when putting up a birdhouse is the birds, there are a few other organisms you should consider, too. The first is the tree itself. It's important to consider just how you're mounting or hanging the birdhouse and the potential harm that certain methods could cause to the tree.

The second organisms, well, those are actually multiple organisms: Predatory animals like cats, raccoons, snakes and squirrels that would love nothing more than to sneak into the birdhouse and grab a quick bite or turn the home into their own.

The usual inclination when attaching a birdhouse to a tree is a nail or a screw. That's how we attach most things to wood surfaces, after all. Not every problem needs a hammer, however, or a nail for that matter. In fact, that inclination can potentially do real harm to the tree. As Mickey Merritt of the Texas Forest Service explained to the Houston Chronicle innails and screws that penetrate the outer bark can damage the cambium, the area just underneath the bark.

This space is were cells rapidly divide and help the tree grow. Other parts of the tree — including the pholem, the tissue of the tree the transports the sugars produced photosynthesis, and the xylem, the tissue system responsible for transporting water from the roots to other areas of the tree — can also be harmed by nails or screws.

In addition to the physical harm they can do, nails and screws also create openings for insects and diseases to sneak in.

Some trees are able to recover from these puncture wounds. A chemical reaction goes into motion when a tree is penetrated that essentially seals off the rest of the tree from the wounded area, preventing any disease and decay from spreading.

New wounds keep triggering this process, however, and according to Merritt, it may only take 10 holes, depending on their location, to kill a tree.

So now that nails are a no-go, affixing a birdhouse to a tree requires a little more work than getting a nail at just the right height. Arborist Now recommends any kind of flexible, flat nylon webbing. A fabric fastener, like Velcro, glued to the sides of the birdhouse and to the outward facing straps will allow you to stick the birdhouse to the tree without harming it.

You'll need to check the tree's growth periodically to make sure you're not girdling the tree. Nylon straps that also have fasteners and buckles can help with this task because they're easily adjustable. SFGate has a more detailed way of hanging a birdhouse on a treeone that sounds a bit more secure than a fabric fastener and glue.

How can I attach a wooden bird house to my chain link fence?

You'll need eye screws or hooks, rubber hosing for wires and bungee cords, along with some some precise measuring to make sure everything is exactly how you want it. Remember that in all cases you need to think about the type of bird you want to attract. Different birds have different height requirements, and some birds are very territorial, so setting up too many bird houses may cause fights.

Some will want the house to swing, while others might find this instability a deal breaker when choosing a home. Installing birdhouses in a way that doesn't injure the tree will also allow you to easily move birdhouses to different locations and heights without needing to make more holes.

Birds, given their many years of evolution, are pretty good at building their nests away from predators. A birdhouse made and mounted by a human, however, may not be given the same kind of thought. Now, if you're really serious about not hurting a tree with a birdhouse but you still want a birdhouse, simply don't put it on the tree.

Trees afford predators plenty of opportunities to get to the birdhouse. Keeping a tree-mounted birdhouse safe requires pruning branches away from the birdhouse, according to The Spruce. Planting prickly bushes at the base of the tree to deter anything from climbing up the trunk will also help keep predators at bay. If you want a birdhouse that's safe from predators, consider placing your birdhouse in other locations. Cranmer Earth Design offers a few suggestions :.

Metal pole. It doesn't get much more difficult than a metal pole when it comes to climbing. You add a baffle, and climb-happy predators should be thwarted, especially if they have nothing nearby from which to jump atop the baffle. Slippery building facade.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A sheltered southeastern exposure is best for hanging a bird feeder since birds like to feed in the sun and out of the wind.

Birds also prefer to have a clear view over their feeding area so they can see any predators. If this is the first bird feeder in your yard, you may have to wait several weeks for birds to discover it.

To help them find the feeder faster, put a shiny pie pan with some seed in it underneath the feeder to attract birds in flight. Black oil sunflower seeds are a favorite among most birds. Water is also a natural attractant. Hang your bird feeder away from trees, bushes, fences or buildings. Squirrels and other predators may use these to climb or jump onto the bird feeder. If you must hang the bird feeder on a tree, keep it at least six feet from the trunk or the tree limbs.

Add a squirrel baffle over the bird feeder to prevent squirrels from climbing down the wire used to hang the bird feeder.

If you decide to use a free standing pole, it should be 5' high and 10' from the nearest tree. Hummingbird feeders should be hung out of direct sunlight, since the sun can spoil the nectar.

They should also be hung away from windy areas and out of reach of cats. If possible, place the hummingbird feeder in and around trumpeting flowers. This will help attract more birds to your hummingbird feeder.

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