Ring central server

The RingCentral platform supports hundreds of thousands of users. The modular pod design offers remarkable flexibility and enables us to seamlessly integrate additional pods as our subscriber base continues to grow. Unlimited numbers of new user groups can be added at any time, without the need to take the entire system offline to rebuild databases and add new servers.

There are thousands of network application triggers that alert us when a reallocation of resources is required, and the entire system is constantly monitored for any bottlenecks or other blockages. In addition, the pod architecture incorporates a virtual chassis deploying a direct-path algorithm that enables multiple individual physical switches to act as one via a high-speed link—they can couple or uncouple depending on system demands.

The result is optimal traffic flow, superior flexibility, and instantaneous scalability. Regardless of system load, the RingCentral platform is robust enough to handle unforeseen spikes in activity. Therefore, security on every level is of paramount importance. Our firewall-protected website uses secure socket layer SSL certificates to secure online transactions and session privacy at the end-user level. Electronic prevention includes CCTV with recorders, motion detection, and fiber vaults.

Security and safety systems are audited monthly for maximum insurance. In general, all RingCentral features and functions are as secure as using a traditional landline telephone.

See your RingCentral representative for details. Quality of service QoS is very important to our customers, and to us.

At the core of RQA is proactive identification, a proven methodology that uses state-of-the-art software and tools to proactively identify customers who are experiencing quality issues as defined by industry standard metrics. Every network call is scored using various industry standards including MOS, R-factor, jitter, packet loss and call failure. Scoring is combined with a trend analysis that maps call quality on a weekly basis. Technology is only part of the equation.

Our RQA analysts proactively contact customers to conduct remote site surveys. These comprehensive evaluations include analysis of the ISP, hardware specifications, and network layout in order to understand patterns and Internet usage. The RQA analysts then create a report based on their findings that includes a predefined network layout, based on best practices, and any hardware e.

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ring central server

A solutions specialist will contact you for your personal demo. Invite anyone from your company who would benefit from seeing RingCentral in action and how it will work for your business. Australia En. Canada En. China Zn. France Fr. Ireland En. Netherlands En.

Singapore En.

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United Kingdom En. United States En. Request a Quote. Join a meeting. Login RingCentral App Access your calls, messages, and meetings.Jeff Stucki.

Diversified Admin. Cecile GlassyChampion. Chris Francis. Powered by Get Satisfaction. New Post. Home Categories About. Sign In Register. Polycom IP won't connect to RingCentral server.

We recently moved to RingCentral from another provider. As part of that move, we ordered some desktop phones from RingCentral which were preconfigured and we had no trouble getting them up and running.

However, we have a Polycom IP that we were using previously that we are also trying to set up. We assigned a RingCentral number to the phone a limited, voice only extension and walked through the Assisted Provisioning steps.

Specifically, we: 1.

ring central server

Set the Server Address to pp. Left Server User and Server Password blank 4. Saved and rebooted I don't get any error when the phone boots up. But, it doesn't show as being online in the RingCentral Admin app, and I can't make or receive any calls.

SecrtAgnt Points. All 9 Replies. Jeff Stucki Points. Could be an issue with the firmware of your Polycom. I know we had to rollback our firmware to a previous version for our Polycom IP to work. I don't recall which firmware version was required but support should be able to help.

Submit Cancel. We are on the latest firmware - 4. Maybe we need something older then? Yes, latest version didn't work for us. We rolled back to 4. I will give that a try and report back. We were actually on firmware 4. Unfortunately, the phone still isn't registering correctly.

When I look at the phone log, I do see a number of entries that look like they might be problematic. I've pasted the log below with our MAC address redacted. Any insights would be appreciated! I'd check with a RingCentral implementation specialist. They were helpful for us.Corrected port to in Tables B. For each deployment, a particular set of network requirements and recommendations holds.

It is very important that you work with your IT to configure your network's settings to ensure continuous and reliable service. To view the previous version of this document, go to RingCentral Network and Recommendations previous version.

Introduction 2. Reading Guidelines 3. Acronym 4. Network Readiness Assessment 6. RingCentral Supernets 7. VLANs 7. WiFi Networks 7. Network Components and Services.

ring central server

The purpose of this document is to provide RingCentral customers with network requirements and recommendations to ensure that RingCentral cloud-based unified communication services operate properly.

For the successful implementation of RingCentral services, the network requirements must be followed without reservations, while recommendations are advised to be followed. This document states constraints on network capacity, quality of service, firewall configuration, and unsupported devices and configurations. Table 1 summarizes the acronyms used in this document:. Table 1.

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Network Address Translation. Address Resolution Protocol. Session Initiation Protocol. Small and Medium-sized Business. Small office - Home office. Differentiated Services Code Point.

Service Status

Stateful Packet Inspection. Secure Real-time Transport Protocol. Transport Control Protocol. Intrusion Detection System.

Desktop App: Server 2008 terminal server environment

Virtual Local Area Network. Intrusion Prevention System. Set of standards for wireless communication. The requirements stated in Table 2 need to be satisfied for VoIP media traffic to get optimal call quality between RingCentral endpoints.

The same requirements hold for Video over IP when using the RingCentral Meetings application since voice is embedded in the video signal. Table 2. Quality of Service Network Requirements.Michael Mays. Nathan MaloneU. Tier 3 Support. View all 10 replies and continue this conversation. Powered by Get Satisfaction. New Post.

Home Categories About. Sign In Register. Desktop App: Server terminal server environment. They are using a variety of IP phones and softphones in the environment which is primarily Win7 Pro, with a few Win10 Pro users here and there. If so, we'll need to know if there are any special installation instructions or requirements. I located a document that suggests that the app is only compatible with Win7 and 8, and talking to RC support on the phone resulted in them directing me back to that same document, along with suggesting that I post here for community support.

Thanks in advance for your time! Michael Mays Points. All 10 Replies Official. Tier 3 Support 4, Points. Official Response. Because of the way TS servers works, the softphone thinks that multiple users are trying to log into the same PC host name at the same time.

This will not work unfortunately. This is the major issue with trying to use the TS server for the softphone. In response to Chris Verdin's comment, any User can de-authorize their own softphone. From there the User can de-authorize the PC so they can sign in on another machine.

Submit Cancel.Provisioning is when you setup or connect a phone to the RingCentral cloud platform for secure voice, audio conferencing, and online meetings. Please contact your previous provider's support to have the phone unlocked. Assisted Provisioning is available on some phone models which are sold and or supported by RingCentral. Since your system is in the cloud, updates and new features appear automatically. Although RingCentral recommends and only provides full support for RingCentral-provided IP phones phones purchased from RingCentralwe recognize that some customers may wish to use other devices.

For product support on devices not purchased from RingCentral, please refer to the product's vendor for support.

How can we help? Your browser does not support the video tag. You should consider updating. RingCentral Support. RingCentral University. System Status. Was this helpful? The comment was successfully sent! Phone setupBYOD phonesphone provisioningassisted provisioningmanual provisioning.

For more in-depth info. B ack to Top. Listed below are the requirements, and links to the different provisioning articles and the differences between Manual Provisioning and Assisted Provisioning. For more videos like this, visit RingCentral University. Legal Privacy Notice Site Map. All rights reserved.Watch the video.

You can engage with a broader range of your target audiences with premium video, audio, and interactive features. Thank you, [First Name] [Last Name].

A solutions specialist will contact you for your personal demo.

ring central server

Invite anyone from your company who would benefit from seeing RingCentral in action and how it will work for your business. Australia En. Canada En. China Zn. France Fr. Ireland En. Netherlands En. Singapore En. United Kingdom En. United States En. Request a Quote. Join a meeting. Login RingCentral App Access your calls, messages, and meetings.

Admin Portal Access your account settings. Small Business. Get the leading all-in-one solution or just what you need. See all products. Office All-in-one phone, meetings and messaging. How it works Features Phones and headsets Pricing. Meetings The complete video meetings solution.

Contact Center Omnichannel collaborative contact center. Fax Fax from any device connected to the internet. Team messaging Team collaboration with file sharing, tasks, and more. RingCentral App Easy and fast account access from anywhere. Apps and platforms Integrate your essential apps or build your own. Everything you need to get the most out of your RingCentral solution.

Learn more. Videos Get access to product guides, tutorials, and demos. Webinars Gain in-depth knowledge about cloud communications and RingCentral products. Case studies Explore our customer stories filtered by industry, business need, product, and more. Blog Read articles from thought leaders and product and industry experts.

RingCentral University Bring yourself and your team up to speed with self-paced, online product training. Developer tools Find out how to integrate RingCentral into your key business processes. About us.But again, do not let them stunt you. New tools do provide opportunities for new directions. Spice up your production once in a while by acquiring a new plugin, sample pack, or instrument. I recommend this one.

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